Why you choose silver instead of other material like stainless steel or copper?

A: More people will have allergies to stainless steel or copper. Silver is the best is because it has the benefit of Anti Odour and Anti Bacteria compound.

Why I feel sick and getting headache for the first day of using the Grounding mat?
A: If you feeling sick when started using Grounding, this is because you body are starting to do detoxification due to do excessive toxin, you feel the sickness. Normally when this happen, please stop using the Grounding Mat and wait until you fully well again and then only start to use back again. Within 7 days, when the symptom gone, you will feel refresh and feel great with Grounding.
Can I get electric shock when using Grounding?
A: Normally you wont get shock, as our product doesn't have the live wire connection. We just use the Earth point to discharge our body current and charging our body with earth electron energy. Also our cable has a build in safety resistor to prevent shock.
If I am on high blood medication, can I use Grounding Mat?
A: Yes you can, but you have to take note that Grounding will make your blood thin, so you have to consult your doctor for measuring the pressure from time to time to adjust the dosage of your medication.
Am I allowed to ground myself more than 8 hours a day?
A: Yes, recommended to use minimum 4 hours a day to feel great. The more time you ground yourself, it will be better.
Can I wash the mat?
A: You can wash the mat around 3-6 months of usage. Recommended hand wash. You just need to use mild detergent and diluted in warm water first then only place the mat to gently wash it and hang dry.
Important note: Do not use highly concentrate detergent and bleach as this will instantly damage the silver compound.
Anything else will able to damage the mat?
A: Do not use lotion that apply body part that later will touch on the mat, the lotion will have the chemical compound and could damage the silver to lost the conductivity.
How long the Grounding Mat can last?
A: The lifespan is very subjective as the performance will be degrade from time, usage and care of the product. 
Recommended to change to new mat every 2 years to enjoy fully conductive performance.
Do you provide warranty on the Grounding Mat?
A: We do provided the 1 year warranty on the cable (all risk), but due our mat is fabric, we can't provide the warranty on the mat itself as this is consider wear and tear product.