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Shared testimonial from our Grounding Mat customer
Just to share my colleague and her son experiences in the use of the Grounding Mat. My colleague's son works in a shipyard, recently he complaint that his back hurt badly and he would ask his mother to give him a massage. Just using the Grounding Mat for one night, he felt that his back pain we greatly relieved and he has got deep sleep. This has gone for a further one week, his back pain has now totally relieved. My colleague who has used the mat also confirmed that she also experienced deep sleep. She also felt that her mind is greatly alert, and her mind is clear as it free from worries and anxieties. Both of them also experienced fluidity of movements.
Sim Darcy Colleague and Son testimonial (Singapore)
This Grounding Mat is a wonderful product. I have used it for 3 weeks, not only has it given me a peaceful sleep each night, but have greatly alleviated discomfort on my shoulders and neck. I am able to jog with more energy after using it for less than a week. For those who have not try it, do use it. U will feel gratitude arising from your heart, having found profound benefit from using this Grounding Mat.
Sim Darcy (Singapore)

I had the last weekend outing... morning cycling for about 22KM and then later in the afternoon had some hiking again in short hill. After a day, in the afternoon, I suddenly had my leg muscle pain so bad until driving was so hard to even push a throttle and not to mention about walk without a stick. It was so painful indeed.... when I reach home, my final decision was to used the big Grounding Mat to wrap one of my painful leg and go to sleep. To my surprise... I woke up in the morning with little to none pain at all. This is where I myself experienced the true healing effect about grounding at work. No medicine and a true anti inflammation without the need of anything.... it make my exercise day a great one.... Wonderful Product that many still in doubts. It simply benefits more than what mentioned here.


Edwin Tan (Grounding Agent, Malaysia)